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How do the grammars for calculating word-level prominence (stress, accent, tone) function, what types of such grammars can exist, and how do they change diachronically?

Foresta d'inverno

What components of the grammar are responsible for controlling allomorphy, and under what conditions does one component exercise control in determining or selecting allomorphs?

Cascata Naturale

Applications of computational and corpus-linguistic techniques to an array of diverse linguistic problems.

Pista da sci

How can quantitative and computational methods contribute to the study of the "Homeric Question"?


How has the Indo-European language family changed and diversified over the millennia? What generalizations about language change generally can be drawn from this wealth of data?

Primavera naturale

Descriptive and theoretical work, often with a quantitative element, on the phonology, morphology, and syntax of (older) Indo-European languages.

Woods a secco
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